Company Wellness

Healthy Choices

We are proud of our wellness program “Healthy Choices” which provides periodic health screenings and coaching to help employees set personal health improvement goals.  Voluntary participants are eligible to receive 100 percent company-paid family health insurance benefits.

Blue Zones Worksite – A Place to Belong, Connect and Enjoy

“Agri has been committed to wellness for several years and committed to the community of Fairfield since our inception in 1978,” explains Worksite Coordinator Chad Christensen.  “Being part of the Blue Zones project was a natural progression for us as a company.  As a small, family owned business, the health and well being of all of our employees is a high priority.  We see the obvious connections between productivity and wellness, but it goes far beyond that in that we strive to create a work environment that people enjoy and where they feel connected to one another.  These same priorities are reflected in the Blue Zones Worksites.”