Environment & Safety

Energy efficiency initiatives

In 2012, we made a significant investment to install energy efficient lighting throughout our facility.  Office and warehouse area lighting are interconnected with motion sensors, ensuring that lighting is on only when needed.  This investment has resulted in considerable energy cost savings.

Raw Material Scrap Recovery

The blow molding process is most efficient when excess mold flash can be recovered and used in production.  Each molding machine in our facility has a dedicated grinder that is part of a closed loop system, ensuring material recovery is carefully monitored and controlled.  Scrap materials not suitable for production are retained and offered to material recycling brokers, dramatically limiting our use of landfill.

A Focus on Worker Safety

During our Safety Committee Meetings, volunteer participants discuss safety issues or concerns, and focus on preventative measures and corrective actions, especially when injuries result in lost time accidents.  We’re all in this together so active participation across the organization is highly encouraged.

Our ongoing training for machine operators, setup technicians, fork truck operators and process technicians ensures that our employees maintain the skill set and knowledge to work safely and efficiently in our ever-changing work environment.