Quality Control

From ATV to ZTR, our quality spans the alphabet

Quality is at the core of every part we manufacture, and every Agri-Industrial Plastics employee understands the deep commitment we have to quality at each step.

From design to your assembly line, we constantly analyze and improve production processes to create the best possible product for you and your end customers.


  • APQP (Advanced Production Quality Planning)
  • Level III PPAP capability
  • Production part inspections hourly
  • Measuring and documenting critical characteristics
  • Systematic approach to issue resolution

Our laser scanner is used to create a 3D data point cloud of a molded part, that can be compared to the original CAD model.  This comparison helps determine how effectively the blow molding process is able to replicate the original design intent. This tool has proven invaluable during the development phase to establish dimensional tolerances and process capability.

Shape Grabber

Shape Grabber Laser Scanner

Shape Grabber Scan Report

Scan report example