Product Development and Design

Design for blow molding is our core competency.  Whether you are starting with a sketch on a napkin or a 3D model and part print, our engineering team can offer the support you need. Concept validation, part and tooling design optimization – speeding product development and assuring your part exceeds end-use performance criteria.


Process simulation involves inputting data to simulate the raw material interaction with the mold, and to visualize resulting part wall thickness variation inevitable in the blow molding process.  Applying this resource early on can help reduce the potential for secondary mold revisions.

We subscribe to SOLIDWORKS® and PRO/ENGINEER® CAD software platforms, and accept most any 3D files in STEP or IGES format.

We trust their guidance from a design and engineering perspective and they understand our expectations. They work very hard to help us meet our design goals … steering us clear of potential issues.

—Kubota Manufacturing of America